Add X/Y icons, from Layell of Smogon.
authorAndrew Ekstedt <>
Mon, 11 Nov 2013 02:43:14 +0000 (18:43 -0800)
committerAndrew Ekstedt <>
Mon, 11 Nov 2013 06:12:25 +0000 (22:12 -0800)
I had to convert these to PAM and back to get rid of the unused palette
entries (optipng wouldn't do it for some reason). Also, most of these
sprites seem like they use too many colors (noise? dither? watermark?).

I'm not copying default forms until we actually get rest of the forms.

71 files changed:
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diff --git a/pokemon/icons/650.png b/pokemon/icons/650.png
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index 0000000..f369565
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diff --git a/pokemon/icons/652.png b/pokemon/icons/652.png
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index 0000000..dba7647
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index 0000000..6252b02
Binary files /dev/null and b/pokemon/icons/653.png differ
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index 0000000..08e4119
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index 0000000..1ea4332
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index 0000000..33b76f5
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index 0000000..475ae0d
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index 0000000..c137f63
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diff --git a/pokemon/icons/659.png b/pokemon/icons/659.png
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index 0000000..fc7a475
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diff --git a/pokemon/icons/660.png b/pokemon/icons/660.png
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index 0000000..39c4fcd
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diff --git a/pokemon/icons/661.png b/pokemon/icons/661.png
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index 0000000..9e561ca
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diff --git a/pokemon/icons/662.png b/pokemon/icons/662.png
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index 0000000..ee16502
Binary files /dev/null and b/pokemon/icons/662.png differ
diff --git a/pokemon/icons/663.png b/pokemon/icons/663.png
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index 0000000..57490b0
Binary files /dev/null and b/pokemon/icons/663.png differ
diff --git a/pokemon/icons/664.png b/pokemon/icons/664.png
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index 0000000..724f888
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diff --git a/pokemon/icons/665.png b/pokemon/icons/665.png
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index 0000000..13af2fd
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diff --git a/pokemon/icons/666.png b/pokemon/icons/666.png
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index 0000000..57cd194
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diff --git a/pokemon/icons/667.png b/pokemon/icons/667.png
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index 0000000..89e0b64
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diff --git a/pokemon/icons/668.png b/pokemon/icons/668.png
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index 0000000..edfc832
Binary files /dev/null and b/pokemon/icons/668.png differ
diff --git a/pokemon/icons/669.png b/pokemon/icons/669.png
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index 0000000..c573708
Binary files /dev/null and b/pokemon/icons/669.png differ
diff --git a/pokemon/icons/670.png b/pokemon/icons/670.png
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index 0000000..119a215
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diff --git a/pokemon/icons/671.png b/pokemon/icons/671.png
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index 0000000..535b5d1
Binary files /dev/null and b/pokemon/icons/671.png differ
diff --git a/pokemon/icons/672.png b/pokemon/icons/672.png
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index 0000000..df5f605
Binary files /dev/null and b/pokemon/icons/672.png differ
diff --git a/pokemon/icons/673.png b/pokemon/icons/673.png
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index 0000000..985cb6c
Binary files /dev/null and b/pokemon/icons/673.png differ
diff --git a/pokemon/icons/674.png b/pokemon/icons/674.png
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index 0000000..ce599e0
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diff --git a/pokemon/icons/675.png b/pokemon/icons/675.png
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index 0000000..0924bd5
Binary files /dev/null and b/pokemon/icons/675.png differ
diff --git a/pokemon/icons/676.png b/pokemon/icons/676.png
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index 0000000..61a0021
Binary files /dev/null and b/pokemon/icons/676.png differ
diff --git a/pokemon/icons/677.png b/pokemon/icons/677.png
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index 0000000..bc0737e
Binary files /dev/null and b/pokemon/icons/677.png differ
diff --git a/pokemon/icons/678-female.png b/pokemon/icons/678-female.png
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index 0000000..ea7f0f7
Binary files /dev/null and b/pokemon/icons/678-female.png differ
diff --git a/pokemon/icons/678-male.png b/pokemon/icons/678-male.png
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index 0000000..7f157a6
Binary files /dev/null and b/pokemon/icons/678-male.png differ
diff --git a/pokemon/icons/678.png b/pokemon/icons/678.png
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index 0000000..7f157a6
Binary files /dev/null and b/pokemon/icons/678.png differ
diff --git a/pokemon/icons/679.png b/pokemon/icons/679.png
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index 0000000..01c6e47
Binary files /dev/null and b/pokemon/icons/679.png differ
diff --git a/pokemon/icons/680.png b/pokemon/icons/680.png
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index 0000000..a38abee
Binary files /dev/null and b/pokemon/icons/680.png differ
diff --git a/pokemon/icons/681.png b/pokemon/icons/681.png
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index 0000000..cf3801e
Binary files /dev/null and b/pokemon/icons/681.png differ
diff --git a/pokemon/icons/682.png b/pokemon/icons/682.png
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index 0000000..cbd7e06
Binary files /dev/null and b/pokemon/icons/682.png differ
diff --git a/pokemon/icons/683.png b/pokemon/icons/683.png
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index 0000000..b7d0510
Binary files /dev/null and b/pokemon/icons/683.png differ
diff --git a/pokemon/icons/684.png b/pokemon/icons/684.png
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index 0000000..6275a53
Binary files /dev/null and b/pokemon/icons/684.png differ
diff --git a/pokemon/icons/685.png b/pokemon/icons/685.png
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index 0000000..7432ca9
Binary files /dev/null and b/pokemon/icons/685.png differ
diff --git a/pokemon/icons/686.png b/pokemon/icons/686.png
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index 0000000..c98f828
Binary files /dev/null and b/pokemon/icons/686.png differ
diff --git a/pokemon/icons/687.png b/pokemon/icons/687.png
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index 0000000..966795b
Binary files /dev/null and b/pokemon/icons/687.png differ
diff --git a/pokemon/icons/688.png b/pokemon/icons/688.png
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index 0000000..1d43cf7
Binary files /dev/null and b/pokemon/icons/688.png differ
diff --git a/pokemon/icons/689.png b/pokemon/icons/689.png
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index 0000000..9d588e3
Binary files /dev/null and b/pokemon/icons/689.png differ
diff --git a/pokemon/icons/690.png b/pokemon/icons/690.png
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index 0000000..6d2dc66
Binary files /dev/null and b/pokemon/icons/690.png differ
diff --git a/pokemon/icons/691.png b/pokemon/icons/691.png
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index 0000000..662e622
Binary files /dev/null and b/pokemon/icons/691.png differ
diff --git a/pokemon/icons/692.png b/pokemon/icons/692.png
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index 0000000..9355105
Binary files /dev/null and b/pokemon/icons/692.png differ
diff --git a/pokemon/icons/693.png b/pokemon/icons/693.png
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index 0000000..26aa562
Binary files /dev/null and b/pokemon/icons/693.png differ
diff --git a/pokemon/icons/694.png b/pokemon/icons/694.png
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index 0000000..052f4c3
Binary files /dev/null and b/pokemon/icons/694.png differ
diff --git a/pokemon/icons/695.png b/pokemon/icons/695.png
new file mode 100644 (file)
index 0000000..294649d
Binary files /dev/null and b/pokemon/icons/695.png differ
diff --git a/pokemon/icons/696.png b/pokemon/icons/696.png
new file mode 100644 (file)
index 0000000..4310b4e
Binary files /dev/null and b/pokemon/icons/696.png differ
diff --git a/pokemon/icons/697.png b/pokemon/icons/697.png
new file mode 100644 (file)
index 0000000..3465167
Binary files /dev/null and b/pokemon/icons/697.png differ
diff --git a/pokemon/icons/698.png b/pokemon/icons/698.png
new file mode 100644 (file)
index 0000000..f7fc031
Binary files /dev/null and b/pokemon/icons/698.png differ
diff --git a/pokemon/icons/699.png b/pokemon/icons/699.png
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index 0000000..47cb364
Binary files /dev/null and b/pokemon/icons/699.png differ
diff --git a/pokemon/icons/700.png b/pokemon/icons/700.png
new file mode 100644 (file)
index 0000000..00c0942
Binary files /dev/null and b/pokemon/icons/700.png differ
diff --git a/pokemon/icons/701.png b/pokemon/icons/701.png
new file mode 100644 (file)
index 0000000..f21fc55
Binary files /dev/null and b/pokemon/icons/701.png differ
diff --git a/pokemon/icons/702.png b/pokemon/icons/702.png
new file mode 100644 (file)
index 0000000..06f3ace
Binary files /dev/null and b/pokemon/icons/702.png differ
diff --git a/pokemon/icons/703.png b/pokemon/icons/703.png
new file mode 100644 (file)
index 0000000..38ac313
Binary files /dev/null and b/pokemon/icons/703.png differ
diff --git a/pokemon/icons/704.png b/pokemon/icons/704.png
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index 0000000..194552e
Binary files /dev/null and b/pokemon/icons/704.png differ
diff --git a/pokemon/icons/705.png b/pokemon/icons/705.png
new file mode 100644 (file)
index 0000000..98aa8a5
Binary files /dev/null and b/pokemon/icons/705.png differ
diff --git a/pokemon/icons/706.png b/pokemon/icons/706.png
new file mode 100644 (file)
index 0000000..35bca07
Binary files /dev/null and b/pokemon/icons/706.png differ
diff --git a/pokemon/icons/707.png b/pokemon/icons/707.png
new file mode 100644 (file)
index 0000000..95a8eb5
Binary files /dev/null and b/pokemon/icons/707.png differ
diff --git a/pokemon/icons/708.png b/pokemon/icons/708.png
new file mode 100644 (file)
index 0000000..a9862b1
Binary files /dev/null and b/pokemon/icons/708.png differ
diff --git a/pokemon/icons/709.png b/pokemon/icons/709.png
new file mode 100644 (file)
index 0000000..9773473
Binary files /dev/null and b/pokemon/icons/709.png differ
diff --git a/pokemon/icons/710.png b/pokemon/icons/710.png
new file mode 100644 (file)
index 0000000..ff75f30
Binary files /dev/null and b/pokemon/icons/710.png differ
diff --git a/pokemon/icons/711.png b/pokemon/icons/711.png
new file mode 100644 (file)
index 0000000..647d545
Binary files /dev/null and b/pokemon/icons/711.png differ
diff --git a/pokemon/icons/712.png b/pokemon/icons/712.png
new file mode 100644 (file)
index 0000000..d722bd4
Binary files /dev/null and b/pokemon/icons/712.png differ
diff --git a/pokemon/icons/713.png b/pokemon/icons/713.png
new file mode 100644 (file)
index 0000000..fd1912e
Binary files /dev/null and b/pokemon/icons/713.png differ
diff --git a/pokemon/icons/714.png b/pokemon/icons/714.png
new file mode 100644 (file)
index 0000000..55f64d5
Binary files /dev/null and b/pokemon/icons/714.png differ
diff --git a/pokemon/icons/715.png b/pokemon/icons/715.png
new file mode 100644 (file)
index 0000000..48b16e0
Binary files /dev/null and b/pokemon/icons/715.png differ
diff --git a/pokemon/icons/716.png b/pokemon/icons/716.png
new file mode 100644 (file)
index 0000000..cc315b7
Binary files /dev/null and b/pokemon/icons/716.png differ
diff --git a/pokemon/icons/717.png b/pokemon/icons/717.png
new file mode 100644 (file)
index 0000000..d337721
Binary files /dev/null and b/pokemon/icons/717.png differ
diff --git a/pokemon/icons/718.png b/pokemon/icons/718.png
new file mode 100644 (file)
index 0000000..e732f66
Binary files /dev/null and b/pokemon/icons/718.png differ