Replace mp3 cries with newly-ripped ogg cries. #91
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2010-03-29  EeveeAdd 487-altered.png. Fixed form name.
2010-03-15  EeveeAdded Land Shaymin (492-land.png) sprites.
2010-03-11  EeveeAdded Rotom -normal sprites.
2010-03-10  EeveeFixed the hell out of all remaining form problems.
2010-03-09  EeveeFixed Cherrim/Castform/Pichu form names; renamed a...
2009-11-12  EeveeRenamed ????? to ???, as the D/P text dump indicates...
2009-09-11  EeveeFixed some problems with HGSS alt sprites; frame2 were...
2009-09-11  EeveeHG/SS sprites cleanup.
2009-09-10  EeveeHeart Gold and Soul Silver sprites.