Add X/Y Sugimori art and increase resolution of most older art
[pokedex-media.git] / pokemon / cropped /
2015-11-05  Eevee (Lexy Munroe)Update cropped images to be based off of ORAS veekun-promotions/2015110502
2014-07-24  Lynn "Zhorken" VaughanUpdate cropped/. veekun-promotions/2014072701 veekun-promotions/2014091601 veekun-promotions/2015080301 veekun-promotions/2015082001 veekun-promotions/2015110501
2014-06-11  Lynn "Zhorken" VaughanCopy all Furfrou sprites to 676-natural.png.
2014-03-07  Lynn "Zhorken" VaughanAdd a cropped Diancie sprite, too. veekun-promotions/2014031701 veekun-promotions/2014031702 veekun-promotions/2014041901
2014-02-04  Lynn "Zhorken" VaughanUpdate the cropped sprites.
2013-11-13  Lynn "Zhorken" VaughanUpdate cropped sprites.
2012-10-07  Lynn "Zhorken" VaughanRename Keldeo's sprites for its new form names.
2012-06-22  Lynn "Zhorken" VaughanAdd cropped sprites for new forms.
2012-06-22  Lynn "Zhorken" VaughanOfficial forme names for the genies.
2012-06-21  Lynn "Zhorken" VaughanCopy images for default forms that now have names.
2012-03-16  Andrew EkstedtFix cropped Burmy/Wormadam Trash form sprites.
2011-04-18  Petr ViktorinRename pokemon/cropped-pokemon to just pokemon/cropped