2016-07-08  Eevee (Lexy... Add X/Y Sugimori art and increase resolution of most... veekun-promotions/2016072401 veekun-promotions/2016072402 veekun-promotions/2016092501
2015-11-05  Eevee (Lexy... Update cropped images to be based off of ORAS veekun-promotions/2015110502
2015-11-05  Eevee (Lexy... Add ORAS main sprites
2014-07-24  Lynn "Zhorken... Update cropped/. veekun-promotions/2014072701 veekun-promotions/2014091601 veekun-promotions/2015080301 veekun-promotions/2015082001 veekun-promotions/2015110501
2014-07-24  Lynn "Zhorken... Crop remaining Serebii sprites to match PkParaíso sprites.
2014-07-23  Lynn "Zhorken... Switch to PkParaíso's X/Y sprites, including shinies.
2014-07-18  Andrew EkstedtSync X/Y sprites with Serebii.
2014-07-10  Andrew EkstedtSync Global Link artwork.
2014-06-11  Lynn "Zhorken... Copy all Furfrou sprites to 676-natural.png.
2014-05-22  Lynn "Zhorken... Give Large Pumpkaboo/Gourgeist the same cry as Average...
2014-05-22  Lynn "Zhorken... Copy the cries of named default forms to {number}.ogg.
2014-05-21  Lynn "Zhorken... Add the X/Y egg icon; delete 0 and egg-manaphy icons.
2014-05-21  Lynn "Zhorken... Add X/Y cries, courtesy of soneek.
2014-05-20  Andrew EkstedtUpdate dream world item filenames.
2014-05-20  Andrew EkstedtCopy missing items from old games. production veekun-promotions/2014052001
2014-05-20  Andrew EkstedtRip X/Y item icons.
2014-05-19  Lynn "Zhorken... Update item filenames.
2014-05-18  Lynn "Zhorken... Rerip X/Y Pokémon icons.
2014-03-07  Lynn "Zhorken... Add a cropped Diancie sprite, too. veekun-promotions/2014031701 veekun-promotions/2014031702 veekun-promotions/2014041901
2014-03-07  Lynn "Zhorken... Add a Diancie sprite.
2014-03-01  Andrew EkstedtCopy Thundurus's default form.
2014-02-27  Andrew EkstedtUpdate Global Link artwork, add mega evolutions.
2014-02-10  Lynn "Zhorken... Update a few item icons' filenames.
2014-02-04  Lynn "Zhorken... Update the cropped sprites.
2014-01-26  Lynn "Zhorken... Add all new Pokémon icons and move the old ones to...
2014-01-04  Andrew EkstedtSync X/Y sprites with Serebii. veekun-promotions/2014010601
2013-11-14  Andrew EkstedtCopy Pumpkaboo and Gourgeist's icons. veekun-promotions/2013111501
2013-11-13  Lynn "Zhorken... Update cropped sprites.
2013-11-11  Andrew EkstedtAdd X/Y icons, from Layell of Smogon.
2013-11-11  Andrew EkstedtAdd X/Y sprites, from Serebii.
2013-10-29  Andrew EkstedtFix some Global Link artwork filenames. veekun-promotions/2013110101
2013-10-27  Andrew EkstedtTweak the shadow type icon.
2013-10-27  Andrew EkstedtAdd Fairy type icon.
2013-10-20  Andrew EkstedtAdd XY Pokémon artwork from the Global Link.
2013-09-12  Andrew EkstedtAdd Dream World item artwork.
2013-09-12  Andrew EkstedtDream World: Swap Black and White Kyurem.
2013-09-12  Andrew EkstedtAdd more Dream World artwork.
2013-06-07  Andrew EkstedtAdd Teddiursa's FR/LG backsprites.
2012-11-20  Lynn "Zhorken... Rename non-damaging.png to status.png. veekun-promotions/2013020701
2012-10-20  Lynn "Zhorken... Fix a typo: corless-mchn to colress-mchn. veekun-promotions/2012112001
2012-10-20  Lynn "Zhorken... Add new item sprites from B/W 2.
2012-10-07  Lynn "Zhorken... Rename Keldeo's sprites for its new form names.
2012-09-26  Lynn "Zhorken... Remove the odd Conquest chrome from warriors/portraits/. veekun-promotions/2012100601
2012-08-17  Lynn "Zhorken... Add diagrams for Conquest move ranges.
2012-08-04  Lynn "Zhorken... Crop the Conquest warrior icons.
2012-08-04  Lynn "Zhorken... Add portraits for Conquest warriors.
2012-07-29  Lynn "Zhorken... Make a -normal copy of Arceus's Conquest portrait.
2012-07-29  Lynn "Zhorken... Add Conquest warrior sprites.
2012-06-26  Lynn "Zhorken... Copy the genies' Dream World svgs to ###-incarnate...
2012-06-22  Lynn "Zhorken... Add icons for the new forms. black-and-white-2
2012-06-22  Lynn "Zhorken... Add cropped sprites for new forms.
2012-06-22  Lynn "Zhorken... Add sprites for new B/W 2 forms.
2012-06-22  Lynn "Zhorken... Official forme names for the genies.
2012-06-21  Lynn "Zhorken... Copy images for default forms that now have names.
2012-06-14  Lynn "Zhorken... Merge branch 'master' of git.veekun.com:pokedex-media
2012-06-01  Andrew EkstedtAdd Dream World Pokémon art. veekun-promotions/2012062401
2012-05-20  Lynn "Zhorken... Fix two misnamed portraits. mystery-dungeon
2012-05-20  Lynn "Zhorken... Add panicked Sableye portrait.
2012-05-20  Lynn "Zhorken... Add the rest of the PMD: Sky portraits.
2012-04-26  Lynn "Zhorken... Add all default-expression PMD portraits.
2012-04-08  Lynn "Zhorken... Pokémon + Nobunaga → Pokémon Conquest
2012-03-22  Lynn "Zhorken... Toss the huge Adobe comments from Keldeo's Sugimori... veekun-promotions/2012032301 veekun-promotions/2012040101
2012-03-22  Lynn "Zhorken... Add Sugimori artwork for Keldeo.
2012-03-22  Lynn "Zhorken... Include a separate ###-form.png even where no other...
2012-03-20  Lynn "Zhorken... Add portraits from Pokémon + Nobunaga.
2012-03-16  Andrew EkstedtFix cropped Burmy/Wormadam Trash form sprites.
2011-04-18  Petr ViktorinAdd Lillipup and Gothitelle Sugimori art veekun-promotions/2011091101 veekun-promotions/2011091102 veekun-promotions/2011091201 veekun-promotions/2012021001
2011-04-18  Petr ViktorinRemove some cruft from the sprite directories
2011-04-18  Petr ViktorinRemove bogus 'berry bag' and 'gen3/itemfinder2' item...
2011-04-18  Petr ViktorinRename pokemon/cropped-pokemon to just pokemon/cropped
2011-04-18  Petr ViktorinRename pokémon form sprites to use identifiers. Helps...
2011-04-18  Petr ViktorinAdd duplicate overworld sprites for named default forms
2011-04-18  Petr ViktorinPut emerald animated shiny sprites in animated/shiny...
2011-04-18  Petr ViktorinRename a bunch of sprites to use identifiers. Helps...
2011-04-18  Petr ViktorinRemove images that don't belong in pokedex
2011-04-18  Petr ViktorinRename font images to Unicode values or ASCII-only...
2011-04-18  Petr ViktorinReorganize chrome images
2011-04-18  Petr ViktorinSplit items/big into items/berries and items/underground
2011-04-18  Petr ViktorinMove pokémon media to a pokemon/ directory
2011-03-02  Lynn "Zhorken... Rename item icons.
2011-03-02  Lynn "Zhorken... English names for everything! #451
2011-02-06  a_magical_meRename Basculin's sprites. #451
2011-01-28  Lynn "Zhorken... Add Sugimori art for Basculin.
2011-01-28  Lynn "Zhorken... Delete some B/W female sprites identical to the male...
2011-01-25  Lynn "Zhorken... Rename the Liberty Pass's icon.
2011-01-05  Lynn "Zhorken... Reorganize the Sugimori art a bit.
2010-12-07  Lynn "Zhorken... Rename the "none" damage class to "non-damaging".
2010-12-03  EeveeSugimori art for Gen V.
2010-11-30  ZhorkenOverhaul the Pokémon form schema. #286 #179 #379
2010-10-27  ZhorkenB/W: Footprints! Replace the old ones with a B/W rip.
2010-09-29  ZhorkenRename the pawprints folder to footprints. #282
2010-09-27  ZhorkenWhoops. Also rename these forms' sprites to match.
2010-09-25  ZhorkenB/W: Add new items' sprites.
2010-09-23  a_magical_meAdd B&W Substitute sprites.
2010-09-23  a_magical_meFix B&W sprites for 585, 586, 649.
2010-09-21  EeveeFixed the name of trash burmy/wormadam sprites in B&W.
2010-09-20  EeveeB&W: Sprites for Arceus forms and white 649.
2010-09-19  EeveeNormal Castform icon.
2010-09-19  EeveeB&W: New Pokémon icons.
2010-09-19  EeveeB&W: New cropped-pokemon based on black-white sprites.