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ownerEevee et al.
last changeSun, 10 Jan 2010 09:26:09 +0000 (01:26 -0800)
2010-01-10  EeveeTest suite runs and passes! master
2010-01-08  EeveeCleaned up websetup a little.
2009-12-28  EeveeFixed adding regular tags.
2009-12-28  EeveeAdded a bunch of NOT NULLs.
2009-12-09  EeveeFixed two minor crashes in lib.tags.
2009-12-09  EeveeRemoved some reliance on the logged-in user.
2009-12-07  EeveeRemoved errant import.
2009-12-07  EeveeSpruced up UI a little bit.
2009-12-07  EeveeTiny fixes: save a query for by:me, and count() is...
2009-12-07  Nick Retallackmakes default user pages full of by/for/of. duct-taped...
2009-12-07  Nick Retallackmerged conflicting stuff. Added 'me' tag
2009-12-07  Nick Retallackattempting to fix things that are broken. Comitting...
2009-12-07  EeveeFixed a little s/// failure in the user view template.
2009-12-07  Nick Retallackmerged suff, commented out some of my own
2009-12-06  EeveeStop using pylons.h.
2009-12-06  EeveeMerged add_tags and into lib.tags.
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