2010-01-10  EeveeTest suite runs and passes! master
2010-01-08  EeveeCleaned up websetup a little.
2009-12-28  EeveeFixed adding regular tags.
2009-12-28  EeveeAdded a bunch of NOT NULLs.
2009-12-09  EeveeFixed two minor crashes in lib.tags.
2009-12-09  EeveeRemoved some reliance on the logged-in user.
2009-12-07  EeveeRemoved errant import.
2009-12-07  EeveeSpruced up UI a little bit.
2009-12-07  EeveeTiny fixes: save a query for by:me, and count() is...
2009-12-07  Nick Retallackmakes default user pages full of by/for/of. duct-taped...
2009-12-07  Nick Retallackmerged conflicting stuff. Added 'me' tag
2009-12-07  Nick Retallackattempting to fix things that are broken. Comitting...
2009-12-07  EeveeFixed a little s/// failure in the user view template.
2009-12-07  Nick Retallackmerged suff, commented out some of my own
2009-12-06  EeveeStop using pylons.h.
2009-12-06  EeveeMerged add_tags and lib.search into lib.tags.
2009-12-06  EeveeAdded support for querying by user.
2009-12-06  Nick Retallackposted by me checkbox
2009-12-06  EeveeMake User.name unique.
2009-12-06  EeveeSearch for usernames literally, not with func.lower().
2009-12-06  EeveeRestrict usernames to lowercase, digits, and hyphens.
2009-12-05  EeveeAdded for:/of: tagging capability.
2009-12-05  EeveeRearranged user/art relations.
2009-12-03  EeveeThumbnailing.
2009-12-02  EeveeDepend on wtforms.
2009-12-02  EeveeMerge branch 'master' of git@veekun.com:floof
2009-12-01  Nick Retallackmerged. Oh no, we have two different user relationship...
2009-12-01  Nick Retallackadding new art with user relations is there, sort of... wtforms
2009-11-30  EeveeGive something better than a 500 when OpenID discovery...
2009-11-30  EeveeAdded a full-blown login page with a description of...
2009-11-24  EeveeAdded Fugue icon set, version 2.4.3.
2009-11-20  EeveeAdded MIT license.
2009-11-16  EeveeAdded a watch/unwatch button to user pages.
2009-11-15  EeveeAdded a watchstream page.
2009-11-07  Nick Retallacksome nice mixins for tags, ratings, relations
2009-11-07  Nick Retallackadd artist when posting
2009-10-28  Nick Retallackthe beginnings of user-art relations. You can add...
2009-10-25  EeveeMerge branch 'master' of git@veekun.com:floof
2009-10-25  EeveeFixed bad update() syntax when adding a child comment.
2009-10-24  Nick Retallackmerged in comments
2009-10-24  Nick Retallackrearranged comment routes, more specific first
2009-10-24  Nick Retallacklittle things
2009-10-23  EeveeMerge branch 'comments'
2009-10-23  EeveeAdded parent property/links for comments, and a Return...
2009-10-20  EeveeMore thorough support for comment threading.
2009-10-16  EeveeAdded partial support for comment threading.
2009-10-15  EeveeComment posting support.
2009-10-12  EeveeRemoved some commented-out code.
2009-10-12  EeveeSuper-simple comment display.
2009-10-08  EeveeFront page link to current userpage should use lowercas...
2009-10-08  EeveeRemoved trailing spaces.
2009-10-08  EeveeFixed setup.py.
2009-10-07  Nick Retallackmerged in my branch 'resources', which is not aptly...
2009-10-07  Nick RetallackAdded User Pages, which you can now display galleries...
2009-10-07  Nick Retallackdisplaying galleries on your page works
2009-10-06  Nick Retallacktrying out resource routing. Works decently. Added...
2009-10-06  Nick Retallackfixed empty tag form submission
2009-10-06  Nick Retallackshaped up routing: enabled explicit mode, and created...
2009-10-06  Nick Retallacksaved searches is going awesome. Partial work on addin...
2009-10-05  Nick Retallackmerged with mine
2009-10-05  EeveeAdded some explicit routes I missed. e.g.: all the...
2009-10-05  Nick Retallackfixed search query (awesome now thanks vee =]), tag...
2009-10-05  EeveeStubbed out userpages.
2009-10-05  EeveeUsers namespace index and a quick userlist.
2009-10-05  EeveeAdded logout. Removed magical routing.
2009-10-05  EeveeAdded real registration that prompts for a username.
2009-10-05  EeveeMake search a GET to /search.
2009-10-05  EeveeFix search to do an AND of tags, not OR.
2009-10-05  Nick Retallackdelete tags by clicking the x, or typing in -tagtext
2009-10-05  Nick RetallackSearching for one tag works. Two tags acts like or...
2009-10-04  EeveeAugh! Removed trailing whitespace.
2009-10-04  EeveeMake uploading work if /tmp and floof are on different...
2009-10-04  Nick Retallackratings work. Searching for ratings, not so much yet.
2009-10-04  Nick RetallackMerge branch 'tags' into search
2009-10-04  Nick Retallackdelete tags by clicking the x, or typing in -tagtext
2009-10-04  Nick RetallackSearching for one tag works. Two tags acts like or...
2009-10-04  Nick Retallacktagging works
2009-10-04  Nick Retallackuploaded by works, and now you can view art on its...
2009-10-04  Nick Retallacknow you can post art. No associated user yet though.
2009-10-04  Nick Retallacksuccessfully ported everything to a flesh shabti templa...
2009-10-04  Nick Retallackrudimentary file uploading. Saves as sha1 like git...
2009-10-03  EeveeAdded myself to websetup.
2009-10-02  EeveeSwitched existing sqla code over to elixir style.
2009-09-30  EeveeAdded *.egg to .gitignore.
2009-09-30  EeveeShuffled base.mako into something like a wireframe...
2009-09-30  EeveeAdded elixir dependency.
2009-09-29  ootachiSwitch over to Elixir
2009-08-06  EeveeOpenID library is python-openid, not openid.
2009-08-06  EeveeIndex page lists titles of art in the "art" table.
2009-07-30  EeveeAdded OpenID registration and login.
2009-07-14  EeveeInitial commit. New Pylons project.