2011-04-14  EeveeFixed some missed markdown identifier conversions. master veekun-promotions/2011041501 veekun-promotions/2011041601
2011-04-13  EeveeMerge branch 'encukou-markdown-identifiers'
2011-04-12  Petr ViktorinUpdate markdown.py docstring
2011-04-12  Petr ViktorinChange the Markdown links to always use identifiers
2011-04-12  Petr ViktorinAdd script that changes Markdown links to use identifiers
2011-04-12  Petr ViktorinMark MoveEffect.effect as a Markdown column.
2011-04-12  Petr ViktorinExpand some string limits so links with identifiers...
2011-04-12  Petr ViktorinMake the schema tests pass
2011-04-12  Petr ViktorinAutomatically disambiguate location identifiers
2011-04-11  Petr ViktorinFix a 'Fuschia City' typos in item effects veekun-promotions/2011041201
2011-04-11  EeveeFix a misuse of a set as a dictionary in db loading. veekun-promotions/2011041102
2011-04-11  EeveeMerge branch '247-item-rewrite' veekun-promotions/2011041101
2011-04-11  EeveeDozen or so more item effects rewritten. #247
2011-04-10  EeveeEffects for the remaining B/W items. #247
2011-04-10  EeveeUpdate item effects with English names. Added new...
2011-04-10  EeveeRemaining B/W item effects, save for some gimmicks...
2011-04-10  EeveeB/W item effects up through the jewels. #377
2011-04-10  EeveeB/W item effects and mail item effects. #377
2011-04-10  EeveeGreat Item Effect Rewrite, part 2: up through berries...
2011-04-10  EeveeAddressed Zhorken's myriad comments on the item rewrite...
2011-04-10  EeveeGreat Item Effect Rewrite, part 1; up through the flute...
2011-04-10  EeveeRearranged evolution table; added new B/W evolutions...
2011-04-10  EeveeFix default language assignment once and for all.
2011-04-10  EeveeRemove old move effect categories. #389
2011-04-10  EeveeAdded identifiers for move meta categories.
2011-04-06  Eeveehurp durp default language
2011-04-06  EeveeMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/encounters-i18n'
2011-04-06  EeveeUnbreak db.connect(), whoops.
2011-04-06  EeveeMerge branch 'encukou'
2011-04-06  EeveeRemove the responsibility of setting a default language...
2011-04-06  EeveeAlways joinedload the local_language for a full languag...
2011-04-05  a_magical_meAdd FR/LG encounters. #136
2011-04-05  a_magical_meAdd R/S/E encounters. #136
2011-04-05  a_magical_meRename terrain => method. #375
2011-04-05  a_magical_meAdd script for adding B/W locations
2011-04-05  a_magical_meAdd B/W locations. #375
2011-04-04  Petr ViktorinMake MultilangSession's language class configurable
2011-04-04  Petr ViktorinMake session.default_language set/get work
2011-04-03  a_magical_meAdd identifier_from_name() function.
2011-04-03  a_magical_meRe-add scripts/migration-i18n.py.
2011-04-03  a_magical_meRevert "Added a bunch of autoincrement=False."
2011-04-03  Petr ViktorinAdd __repr__ to mapped classes
2011-04-03  Petr ViktorinMake a bunch of text columns nullable to support missin...
2011-04-03  Petr ViktorinEnable nullable MarkdownColumns
2011-04-03  Petr ViktorinChange item short effect format to markdown
2011-04-03  a_magical_meMake load.py more idiomatic.
2011-04-03  a_magical_meAdd usage text for --safe.
2011-04-03  a_magical_meload: Add --recursive option.
2011-04-03  a_magical_meAlter some identifiers. #207
2011-04-03  a_magical_meAdd MarkdownString.__html__().
2011-04-03  a_magical_meRemove all uses of str.format().
2011-04-03  a_magical_meSpeed up `import pokedex.db` slightly.
2011-04-03  EeveeChange item short effects to markdown.
2011-04-03  EeveeRandom lookup algorithm is now more naive, but less...
2011-04-03  EeveeAdded a truckload of innerjoins and joinedloads.
2011-04-03  EeveeFix the i18n test; now uses multilang's session subclasses.
2011-04-03  EeveeSplit up MoveEffectProperty; don't detect dict proxies.
2011-04-03  EeveeFix `pokedex load` with empty tables.
2011-04-02  EeveeAdded a bunch of autoincrement=False.
2011-04-02  EeveeMerge branch 'encukou'
2011-04-02  EeveeCreated flavor summary tables.
2011-04-01  Petr ViktorinAdd the Czech language
2011-04-01  Petr ViktorinAdd 'ripped' to column info
2011-04-01  EeveeCreate flavor_summary tables for Pokemon, Move, Item.
2011-04-01  Petr ViktorinRemove a bad test
2011-04-01  Petr ViktorinReorder the classes in tables.py alphabetically. Also...
2011-04-01  Petr ViktorinUpdate the comment for the Postgres version of pokedex...
2011-04-01  Petr ViktorinRemove the test for filter(Pokemon.name > u"Xatu")
2011-04-01  Petr ViktorinUpdate test_schema to the new API. Add some missing...
2011-04-01  Petr ViktorinUpdate test_strings.py to the new API (still fails...
2011-04-01  Petr ViktorinAdd a mapped_classes list, and a translation_classes...
2011-04-01  EeveeShapes for gen 5 Pokémon.
2011-03-31  EeveeDisable autoincrement for MoveMetaAilment.
2011-03-30  EeveeAdd Stat.is_battle_only.
2011-03-30  EeveeUpdate the pokedex.db.tables docs.
2011-03-30  EeveeMatch default language by id, not identifier.
2011-03-30  EeveeJoinedload current-language names.
2011-03-29  EeveeMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/encukou'
2011-03-29  Petr ViktorinAdd Czech romanization
2011-03-29  Petr ViktorinPrint progress for dropping/creating tables
2011-03-29  Petr ViktorinFaster `pokedex load` for PostgreSQL #526
2011-03-29  EeveeMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/ability-changes'
2011-03-29  EeveeAdd the 1% held items in B/W.
2011-03-29  EeveeWe finally know what the last B/W move flag is.
2011-03-29  EeveeRecent changes to Bide and Feint. #570
2011-03-29  Lynn "Zhorken... Some more ability fixes/changes. #561
2011-03-29  EeveeFix short effects for Grudge, Glaciate. #570
2011-03-29  EeveeFix ancient bug with Pursuit description. #569
2011-03-29  EeveeMud/Water Sport last until the user leaves battle....
2011-03-29  EeveeMetal Burst returns 1.5× damage, not 2×. #567
2011-03-29  EeveeMerge branch 'schema-sanity'
2011-03-29  Eeveelanguage_id -> local_language_id
2011-03-25  EeveeRemove back_populates, which doesn't seem to work.
2011-03-25  EeveeRemove a bunch of imports from tables.py.
2011-03-25  EeveeRename internal_id to game_index.
2011-03-25  EeveeRename *_texts tables to *_names.
2011-03-25  EeveeWhoops; preserve column order.
2011-03-24  EeveeRemove LanguageSpecific.
2011-03-24  EeveeRemoved ProseColumn and TextColumn. Huzzah.
2011-03-22  EeveeStarted switching to create_translation_table.