No need for ellipses on short RSS entries.
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2010-09-13  EeveeNo need for ellipses on short RSS entries. veekun-promotions/2010091501 veekun-promotions/2010091901
2010-08-23  EeveeUpgrade to Pylons 1.0. #283 veekun-promotions/2010082201 veekun-promotions/2010091201 veekun-promotions/2010091202
2010-08-18  EeveeConvert bug numbers in git logs to URLs; also stop...
2010-08-18  EeveeShow gravatars in git logs.
2010-08-09  EeveeDon't toss old entries when an RSS feed is down.
2010-08-08  EeveeOops, filled in max_age_to_datetime. veekun-promotions/2010080801 veekun-promotions/2010080802
2010-07-26  EeveeSupport cached sources.
2010-07-25  EeveeLoad the sources only on startup. Fix local limit...
2010-07-25  EeveeBig ol refactor: make sources into first-class objects.