Replace mp3 cries with newly-ripped ogg cries. #91
[pokedex-media.git] / items /
2010-06-01  ZhorkenStrip gamma and ICC profiles from a few sprites.
2010-05-28  ZhorkenOptimize item sprites with OptiPNG.
2010-05-28  ZhorkenAdd missing item sprites.
2010-05-27  ZhorkenFix a few Gen III items' sprites' filenames.
2010-05-12  EeveeAdded some missing item icons and fixed TMs/Data Cards...
2010-05-11  EeveePhoto Album icon. #248
2010-03-21  EeveeAdded new HG/SS item sprites.
2010-01-28  EeveeRemoved some svn cruft.
2009-08-24  EeveeRestored accents on Poke * items.
2009-05-08  EeveeImported item icons from old veekun. #10