This is legacy code written by Eevee, in the dark days before GitHub. You probably just want to look at Eevee's GitHub instead.

This mostly still exists for the sake of the pokedex-media repository, which is a decently large collection of copyrighted binary files that I assume GitHub wouldn't be too thrilled about hosting.

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Project Description Owner Last Change
pokedex-media.git Collection of Pokémon sprites and other media Eevee 3 years ago
pseudoku.git Flexible Sudoku manipulator Eevee 15 years ago
spline-gallery.git No commits
spline-shoutbox.git 15 years ago
zzz-dywypi.git Legacy IRC bot, using Supybot Eevee 12 years ago
zzz-floof.git Failed first attempt at floof Eevee et al. 14 years ago
zzz-pokedex.git Original pokedex repository, before media was split off Eevee et al. 13 years ago
zzz-spline-forum.git Forum plugin for Spline; now part of spline Eevee 13 years ago
zzz-spline-frontpage.git Rad front page plugin for Spline; now part of spline Eevee 13 years ago
zzz-spline-gts.git Pokemon trade system plugin for Spline; now part of... Eevee 13 years ago
zzz-spline-users.git OpenID and user account plugin for Spline; now part... Eevee 13 years ago