This is a collection of code written by Eevee. Most of these projects are tracked in the bug tracker.

Every project can be cloned by its URL here; e.g., git clone You will, of course, need Git. If you don't want to learn how to use it, the "snapshot" links will let you download an entire project at any point in its history.

All of the code here is © Eevee (Alex Munroe) and any other contributors. It's covered by the MIT license, unless specified otherwise in a README file within the project. I encourage you to license any changes you make under a similar license, but you are not required to.

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Project Description Owner Last Change
blog.git My blog; see Eevee 5 years ago
dywypi.git veekun's pluggable IRC bot Eevee 8 months ago
floof.git Art site. Possibly amazing. Eevee et al. 4 years ago
izchak.git NetHack reporting site at Eevee 6 years ago
kouyou.git JS color picker/editor Eevee 12 months ago
oneshots.git Short single-file miscellany Eevee 7 years ago
pokedex-media.git Collection of Pokémon sprites and other media Eevee 7 months ago
pokedex.git Thorough Pokémon data and helper code Eevee 3 months ago
porigon-z.git DS game image inspector Eevee 3 years ago
project-euler.git Project Euler solutions Eevee 16 months ago
pseudoku.git Flexible Sudoku manipulator Eevee 8 years ago
pyhq2x.git Sprite upscaler, ported to Python Eevee 8 years ago
raidne.git Python roguelike Eevee 3 years ago
rc.git .*rc files I use Eevee 19 months ago
sanpera.git A better image library for Python Eevee 18 months ago
spline-pokedex.git Pokedex plugin for Spline Eevee 7 months ago
spline.git Pluggable Web framework in Pylons Eevee 7 months ago
veekun.git, as run atop Spline Eevee 7 months ago
zzz-dywypi.git Legacy IRC bot, using Supybot Eevee 4 years ago
zzz-floof.git Failed first attempt at floof Eevee et al. 7 years ago
zzz-pokedex.git Original pokedex repository, before media was split off Eevee et al. 6 years ago
zzz-spline-forum.git Forum plugin for Spline; now part of spline Eevee 6 years ago
zzz-spline-frontpage.git Rad front page plugin for Spline; now part of spline Eevee 6 years ago
zzz-spline-gts.git Pokemon trade system plugin for Spline; now part of... Eevee 6 years ago
zzz-spline-users.git OpenID and user account plugin for Spline; now part... Eevee 6 years ago