2012-06-12  EeveeUpdate for current pokedex as of 2012-06-12 master
2010-11-30  ZhorkenPokedex: Update for the new Pokémon form schema.
2010-05-16  EeveeTF2: New plugin; checks TF2 server status.
2010-05-13  EeveePokedex: Semicolon before stat total.
2010-05-13  EeveePokedex: Fix item links.
2010-05-13  EeveePokedex: Use short ability effects; support natures.
2010-05-13  EeveePokedex: Update to work with new PokedexLookup class.
2010-05-13  EeveePokedex: colorify type efficacy.
2010-05-13  EeveePokedex: Make stat display colorful and readable.
2010-05-13  EeveeWWWJDIC: Fallback to non-common words.
2010-05-13  Eeveejdic should not crash on no results.
2010-05-13  Eeveeas_html -> as_text
2010-05-13  EeveeWWWJDIC: Fixed to match the abrupt change in result...
2010-03-11  ZhorkenPokedex: Call stats "stats" and report total.
2010-03-09  ZhorkenPokedex: Fix item links.
2010-03-09  EeveeThrew together a WWWJDIC client.
2010-03-09  ZhorkenPokedex: Fixed Unicode character escaping in links.
2010-03-09  ZhorkenPokedex: Give more info about types.
2010-03-09  ZhorkenPokedex: Link to veekun rather than beta-veekun.
2010-03-09  ZhorkenPokedex: Report Pokémon formes better.
2010-03-08  ZhorkenPokedex: Provide beta-veekun links.
2010-03-01  EeveePokedex: filled in some Pokémon, move, and ability...
2010-02-05  EeveeNetHack plugin now links to izchak instead of dumplogs.
2010-02-04  EeveePokedex plugin now labels fuzzy-matched foreign names.
2010-02-03  EeveeFixed NetHack plugin crashing on first load.
2010-02-03  EeveeMake Pokedex plugin do its own Unicode handling. Gross.
2010-02-02  EeveePorted old dywypi code into a NetHack plugin.
2010-02-02  EeveeIgnore stuff in data/.
2010-02-02  EeveeGive Pokedex plugin its own whoosh index.
2010-02-02  EeveeConfig stuff; loaded Math, Karma, and Pokedex.
2010-02-02  EeveeStubbed out Pokédex plugin.
2010-02-02  EeveeIgnore *.pyc and the backup/ directory.
2010-01-31  EeveeCreated skeleton Pokédex plugin.
2010-01-31  EeveeChanged basic configuration to my liking.
2010-01-30  EeveeInitial commit; bare-bones supybot configuration.