descriptionFlexible Sudoku manipulator
last changeWed, 7 Jan 2009 14:58:52 +0000 (09:58 -0500)
2009-01-07  EeveeDocumented constraints.diagonal test more better. master
2009-01-07  EeveeRenamed integrity tests to standard.
2009-01-07  EeveeAdded a test for puzzles with diagonal constraints.
2009-01-07  EeveeMiscellaneous cleanup.
2009-01-07  EeveeImproved solving; should now solve all easy puzzles.
2009-01-07  EeveeRemoved some use of Grid._* in
2009-01-07  EeveeMoved Cell to its own file.
2009-01-07  EeveeRenamed and CellConstraint.
2009-01-07  EeveeAdded a Diagonal constraint.
2009-01-06  EeveeAdded some real accessors.
2008-12-19  EeveeRemoved distinction between Row/Box/Column.
2008-12-18  EeveeStarted merging cols/rows/boxes into "constraints".
2008-12-17  EeveeReplaced set_naively with set(normalize=False).
2008-12-13  EeveeMoved stringify cruft into a render module.
2008-12-13  EeveeTurned original test puzzle into a real testcase.
2008-12-13  EeveeMoved code out of lib/.
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