2010-12-11  EeveeShow recent forum threads on the front page. Sucks... master veekun-promotions/2010121201 veekun-promotions/2010122201 veekun-promotions/2010122701 veekun-promotions/2011011701 veekun-promotions/2011021501 veekun-promotions/2011021502 veekun-promotions/2011022101 veekun-promotions/2011030301 veekun-promotions/2011030302 veekun-promotions/2011041101 veekun-promotions/2011041102 veekun-promotions/2011041201 veekun-promotions/2011041501 veekun-promotions/2011041601
2010-12-08  EeveeACTUALLY order threads in a forum by last-post time.
2010-11-12  EeveeAdd forums to link bar. #383 veekun-promotions/2010112001 veekun-promotions/2010112601 veekun-promotions/2010120701
2010-11-08  EeveeCSRF protection. #361
2010-09-26  EeveeMake Post.author an innerjoin. veekun-promotions/2010101501 veekun-promotions/2010101701
2010-09-26  EeveeEagerloading for threads on the front page.
2010-09-21  EeveeFix last_post relation; it was totally bogus. veekun-promotions/2010092101
2010-09-15  EeveePaging for threads and posts! #314 veekun-promotions/2010091501 veekun-promotions/2010091901 veekun-promotions/2010091902
2010-09-13  EeveePost bodies are overlapping with the author info.
2010-09-13  EeveeStop escaping HTML on the front page.
2010-09-12  EeveeCrash fix: allow creating threads, oops. veekun-promotions/2010091202
2010-09-09  EeveePopulate those empty "activity" and "volume" columns... veekun-promotions/2010091201
2010-09-07  EeveeTreat posts as markdown. #262
2010-08-23  EeveeUpgrade to Pylons 1.0. #283 veekun-promotions/2010082201
2010-08-15  EeveeCrash fix: Force routing to only accept numeric forum...
2010-08-15  EeveeCrash fix: /forums/999999 would crash instead of 404.
2010-08-15  EeveeAdded forum descriptions. #327
2010-08-14  EeveeShow access levels and context everywhere!
2010-08-08  EeveeAdded soapbox and archive forum access levels. #313 veekun-promotions/2010080801 veekun-promotions/2010080802
2010-07-25  EeveeUpdate to new frontpage API, and keep frontpage optional.
2010-07-15  EeveeAdded front page support.
2010-06-18  EeveePosts no longer look like balls, yay! veekun-promotions/2010070701
2010-06-17  EeveeThread creation and some tiny posting polish.
2010-06-05  EeveeWrap forum and thread lists in standard tables.
2010-06-05  EeveeFix page titles; add breadcrumbs.
2010-06-03  EeveeFix migration to work with sqlalchemy-migrate trunk... veekun-promotions/2010060502
2010-06-02  EeveeBarebones styling. Very much so. Ugly. veekun-promotions/2010060201 veekun-promotions/2010060501
2010-05-19  EeveePosting!
2010-05-18  EeveeStub out some real forum display stuff.
2010-05-18  EeveeFlesh out core forum schema.
2010-05-17  EeveeUse the local model module instead of spline.model.
2010-05-16  EeveeGreat Migration: spline.plugins => splinext veekun-promotions/2010051501
2010-05-11  EeveeExtremely basic forum tables and browsing.
2010-05-05  EeveeWHOOPS fixed migrate.cfg typo veekun-promotions/2010050901
2010-05-04  EeveeInitial skeleton commit.