B&W: New Pokémon cries.
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2010-09-09  EeveeAdding SVG of the version icons. Revamped gen4, too...
2010-09-09  EeveeBlack and White setup!
2010-06-01  ZhorkenFix remakes' titles, e.g. "Fire Red" to "FireRed"....
2010-05-06  EeveeOptipnged some version icons.
2010-05-06  EeveeAdded R/G version icons. #212
2009-08-10  EeveeUpdated generation icons to be hopefully more clear.
2009-07-26  EeveeAdded icons and database rows for HG/SS. #32
2009-05-29  EeveeChanged generation icons to RB/GS/etc.
2009-03-07  EeveeMoved images/ to media/.