2009-08-06  EeveeAdded a cropped egg icon for the move table.
2009-07-26  EeveeAdded icons and database rows for HG/SS. #32
2009-07-15  EeveeRecolored the cropped Kecleon purple. :3
2009-07-15  EeveeReplaced cropped sizes with cropped Pokémon for #13.
2009-07-06  EeveeAdded cropped shape images. #13
2009-06-16  EeveeAdded icons for Platinum formes. #5
2009-06-09  EeveeAdded alternate Forme sprites for Platinum. #5
2009-05-29  EeveeChanged generation icons to RB/GS/etc.
2009-05-08  EeveeAdded some encounter method icons to match #7.
2009-05-08  EeveeImported item icons from old veekun. #10
2009-03-26  EeveeAdded Platinum sprites, excluding Formes.
2009-03-23  EeveeMerge branch 'master' of eevee@tekkanin.veekun.com...
2009-03-23  EeveeAdded generic trainer guy/girl sprites, used for size...
2009-03-20  EeveeOops. Removed leading zeroes on icons.
2009-03-20  EeveeAdded Pokémon icons.
2009-03-07  EeveeAdded Pokémon cries.
2009-03-07  EeveeAdded Diamond/Pearl Pokemon sprites.
2009-03-07  EeveeFixed some Platinum sprite naming.
2009-03-07  EeveeAdded habitat sprites. Renamed flavor to flavor_text.
2009-03-07  EeveeMoved images/ to media/.