Reorganize chrome images
authorPetr Viktorin <>
Fri, 8 Apr 2011 18:21:52 +0000 (21:21 +0300)
committerEevee <>
Mon, 18 Apr 2011 03:55:04 +0000 (20:55 -0700)
chrome/damage-classes → damage-classes
chrome/habitats → habitats
chrome/bag → item-pockets. item-pockets/selected
chrome/contest → contest-types/en (except appeal.png & jam.png)
chrome/types → types/en

New directories:

74 files changed:
chrome/pokeathlon/down.png [moved from chrome/pokeathlon-down.png with 100% similarity]
chrome/pokeathlon/star-buffed.png [moved from chrome/pokeathlon-star-buffed.png with 100% similarity]
chrome/pokeathlon/star-empty.png [moved from chrome/pokeathlon-star-empty.png with 100% similarity]
chrome/pokeathlon/star-nerfed.png [moved from chrome/pokeathlon-star-nerfed.png with 100% similarity]
chrome/pokeathlon/star.png [moved from chrome/pokeathlon-star.png with 100% similarity]
chrome/pokeathlon/up.png [moved from chrome/pokeathlon-up.png with 100% similarity]
chrome/time-of-day/daytime.png [moved from chrome/daytime.png with 100% similarity]
chrome/time-of-day/night.png [moved from chrome/night.png with 100% similarity]
contest-types/en/beauty.png [moved from chrome/contest/beauty.png with 100% similarity]
contest-types/en/cool.png [moved from chrome/contest/cool.png with 100% similarity]
contest-types/en/cute.png [moved from chrome/contest/cute.png with 100% similarity]
contest-types/en/smart.png [moved from chrome/contest/smart.png with 100% similarity]
contest-types/en/tough.png [moved from chrome/contest/tough.png with 100% similarity]
damage-classes/non-damaging.png [moved from chrome/damage-classes/non-damaging.png with 100% similarity]
damage-classes/physical.png [moved from chrome/damage-classes/physical.png with 100% similarity]
damage-classes/special.png [moved from chrome/damage-classes/special.png with 100% similarity]
habitats/cave.png [moved from chrome/habitats/cave.png with 100% similarity]
habitats/forest.png [moved from chrome/habitats/forest.png with 100% similarity]
habitats/grassland.png [moved from chrome/habitats/grassland.png with 100% similarity]
habitats/mountain.png [moved from chrome/habitats/mountain.png with 100% similarity]
habitats/rare.png [moved from chrome/habitats/rare.png with 100% similarity]
habitats/rough-terrain.png [moved from chrome/habitats/rough-terrain.png with 100% similarity]
habitats/sea.png [moved from chrome/habitats/sea.png with 100% similarity]
habitats/urban.png [moved from chrome/habitats/urban.png with 100% similarity]
habitats/waters-edge.png [moved from chrome/habitats/waters-edge.png with 100% similarity]
item-pockets/battle.png [moved from chrome/bag/battle.png with 100% similarity]
item-pockets/berries.png [moved from chrome/bag/berries.png with 100% similarity]
item-pockets/key.png [moved from chrome/bag/key.png with 100% similarity]
item-pockets/machines.png [moved from chrome/bag/machines.png with 100% similarity]
item-pockets/mail.png [moved from chrome/bag/mail.png with 100% similarity]
item-pockets/medicine.png [moved from chrome/bag/medicine.png with 100% similarity]
item-pockets/misc.png [moved from chrome/bag/misc.png with 100% similarity]
item-pockets/pokeballs.png [moved from chrome/bag/pokeballs.png with 100% similarity]
item-pockets/selected/battle.png [moved from chrome/bag/battle-selected.png with 100% similarity]
item-pockets/selected/berries.png [moved from chrome/bag/berries-selected.png with 100% similarity]
item-pockets/selected/key.png [moved from chrome/bag/key-selected.png with 100% similarity]
item-pockets/selected/machines.png [moved from chrome/bag/machines-selected.png with 100% similarity]
item-pockets/selected/mail.png [moved from chrome/bag/mail-selected.png with 100% similarity]
item-pockets/selected/medicine.png [moved from chrome/bag/medicine-selected.png with 100% similarity]
item-pockets/selected/misc.png [moved from chrome/bag/misc-selected.png with 100% similarity]
item-pockets/selected/pokeballs.png [moved from chrome/bag/pokeballs-selected.png with 100% similarity]
shapes/1.png [moved from chrome/shapes/1.png with 100% similarity]
shapes/10.png [moved from chrome/shapes/10.png with 100% similarity]
shapes/11.png [moved from chrome/shapes/11.png with 100% similarity]
shapes/12.png [moved from chrome/shapes/12.png with 100% similarity]
shapes/13.png [moved from chrome/shapes/13.png with 100% similarity]
shapes/14.png [moved from chrome/shapes/14.png with 100% similarity]
shapes/2.png [moved from chrome/shapes/2.png with 100% similarity]
shapes/3.png [moved from chrome/shapes/3.png with 100% similarity]
shapes/4.png [moved from chrome/shapes/4.png with 100% similarity]
shapes/5.png [moved from chrome/shapes/5.png with 100% similarity]
shapes/6.png [moved from chrome/shapes/6.png with 100% similarity]
shapes/7.png [moved from chrome/shapes/7.png with 100% similarity]
shapes/8.png [moved from chrome/shapes/8.png with 100% similarity]
shapes/9.png [moved from chrome/shapes/9.png with 100% similarity]
types/en/???.png [moved from chrome/types/???.png with 100% similarity]
types/en/bug.png [moved from chrome/types/bug.png with 100% similarity]
types/en/dark.png [moved from chrome/types/dark.png with 100% similarity]
types/en/dragon.png [moved from chrome/types/dragon.png with 100% similarity]
types/en/electric.png [moved from chrome/types/electric.png with 100% similarity]
types/en/fighting.png [moved from chrome/types/fighting.png with 100% similarity]
types/en/fire.png [moved from chrome/types/fire.png with 100% similarity]
types/en/flying.png [moved from chrome/types/flying.png with 100% similarity]
types/en/ghost.png [moved from chrome/types/ghost.png with 100% similarity]
types/en/grass.png [moved from chrome/types/grass.png with 100% similarity]
types/en/ground.png [moved from chrome/types/ground.png with 100% similarity]
types/en/ice.png [moved from chrome/types/ice.png with 100% similarity]
types/en/normal.png [moved from chrome/types/normal.png with 100% similarity]
types/en/poison.png [moved from chrome/types/poison.png with 100% similarity]
types/en/psychic.png [moved from chrome/types/psychic.png with 100% similarity]
types/en/rock.png [moved from chrome/types/rock.png with 100% similarity]
types/en/shadow.png [moved from chrome/types/shadow.png with 100% similarity]
types/en/steel.png [moved from chrome/types/steel.png with 100% similarity]
types/en/water.png [moved from chrome/types/water.png with 100% similarity]

similarity index 100%
rename from chrome/habitats/cave.png
rename to habitats/cave.png
similarity index 100%
rename from chrome/habitats/rare.png
rename to habitats/rare.png
similarity index 100%
rename from chrome/habitats/sea.png
rename to habitats/sea.png
similarity index 100%
rename from chrome/habitats/urban.png
rename to habitats/urban.png
similarity index 100%
rename from chrome/bag/key.png
rename to item-pockets/key.png
similarity index 100%
rename from chrome/bag/mail.png
rename to item-pockets/mail.png
similarity index 100%
rename from chrome/bag/misc.png
rename to item-pockets/misc.png
similarity index 100%
rename from chrome/shapes/1.png
rename to shapes/1.png
similarity index 100%
rename from chrome/shapes/10.png
rename to shapes/10.png
similarity index 100%
rename from chrome/shapes/11.png
rename to shapes/11.png
similarity index 100%
rename from chrome/shapes/12.png
rename to shapes/12.png
similarity index 100%
rename from chrome/shapes/13.png
rename to shapes/13.png
similarity index 100%
rename from chrome/shapes/14.png
rename to shapes/14.png
similarity index 100%
rename from chrome/shapes/2.png
rename to shapes/2.png
similarity index 100%
rename from chrome/shapes/3.png
rename to shapes/3.png
similarity index 100%
rename from chrome/shapes/4.png
rename to shapes/4.png
similarity index 100%
rename from chrome/shapes/5.png
rename to shapes/5.png
similarity index 100%
rename from chrome/shapes/6.png
rename to shapes/6.png
similarity index 100%
rename from chrome/shapes/7.png
rename to shapes/7.png
similarity index 100%
rename from chrome/shapes/8.png
rename to shapes/8.png
similarity index 100%
rename from chrome/shapes/9.png
rename to shapes/9.png
similarity index 100%
rename from chrome/types/???.png
rename to types/en/???.png
similarity index 100%
rename from chrome/types/bug.png
rename to types/en/bug.png
similarity index 100%
rename from chrome/types/dark.png
rename to types/en/dark.png
similarity index 100%
rename from chrome/types/dragon.png
rename to types/en/dragon.png
similarity index 100%
rename from chrome/types/fire.png
rename to types/en/fire.png
similarity index 100%
rename from chrome/types/flying.png
rename to types/en/flying.png
similarity index 100%
rename from chrome/types/ghost.png
rename to types/en/ghost.png
similarity index 100%
rename from chrome/types/grass.png
rename to types/en/grass.png
similarity index 100%
rename from chrome/types/ground.png
rename to types/en/ground.png
similarity index 100%
rename from chrome/types/ice.png
rename to types/en/ice.png
similarity index 100%
rename from chrome/types/normal.png
rename to types/en/normal.png
similarity index 100%
rename from chrome/types/poison.png
rename to types/en/poison.png
similarity index 100%
rename from chrome/types/rock.png
rename to types/en/rock.png
similarity index 100%
rename from chrome/types/shadow.png
rename to types/en/shadow.png
similarity index 100%
rename from chrome/types/steel.png
rename to types/en/steel.png
similarity index 100%
rename from chrome/types/water.png
rename to types/en/water.png