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2010-12-11  EeveeSupport stuff-other-than-updates. veekun-promotions/2010121201 veekun-promotions/2010122201 veekun-promotions/2010122701 veekun-promotions/2011011701 veekun-promotions/2011021501 veekun-promotions/2011021502 veekun-promotions/2011022101 veekun-promotions/2011030301 veekun-promotions/2011030302
2010-08-18  EeveeShow gravatars in git logs.
2010-08-15  EeveeDraw a line marking new stuff. #332
2010-08-14  EeveeMore better striped row colors.
2010-07-26  EeveeSplit off updates to another template. List sources.
2010-07-25  EeveeBig ol refactor: make sources into first-class objects.
2010-07-18  EeveeAdded RSS and git support.
2010-07-15  EeveeTidied up presentation: correct ordering, CSS, and...
2010-07-15  EeveeInitial commit; very dumb front page support.